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6 & 7th May 2019
Munich, Germany

Alignment in body & mind:

Investigating and quantifying alignment

in dynamic social interactions

Join us for a varied program of speakers interested in capturing the dynamic nature of social interaction. The two-day conference will end in focused round table discussions with a mixture of formalised questions, decided upon before hand as well as questions from the audience. The conference is open to any and all interested in the topic. 


To register, please email:

Our list of international speakers will be presenting their work as it pertains to quantifying dynamic social interactions from theoretical, philosophical, clinical, empirical and computational perspectives.

Fatihcan Atay -- Applied Mathematics

Bilkent University

Dimitris Bolis -- Social Neuroscience

Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry

Bahador Bahrami -- Cognitive Neuroscience

Max Planck Centre for Human Development

Simeon Schudy -- Empirical Economics

LMU Munich, Germany

Arianna Curioni, Cognitive Neuroscience

Central European University

Guillaume Dumas -- Computational Neuroscience

Institut Pasteur

Merle Fairhurst -- Cognitive Neuroscience

LMU Munich

Stefanie Höhl -- Developmental Psychology

University of Vienna

Ivana Konvalinka -- Social Neuroscience

Technical University of Denmark

John Michael-- Cognitive Neuroscience

University of Warwick

Travis J. Wiltshire -- Cognitive Science

Tilburg University



Kleiner Saal

Akademischer Gesangverein München e.V.

Ledererstraße 5, 80331 München

Tel.: (089) 223707

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